Audi Servicing

Audi Servicing

If you are interested in improving your supercar, we can provide the very best Audi servicing in the UK. Make sure to contact us now for more information.

Audi Tuning

Audi Tuning

We can offer Audi Tuning across the UK at cmpetitive prices. To speak to a member of our team, please complete our contact form now.

Audi Maintenance

Audi Maintenance

Along with regular servicing, tuning and remapping, we also carry out Audi maintenance. For details on costs, please fill in our contact form now.

Audi Servicing

Looking for affordable, local and comprehensive Audi servicing by a professional company?  Is your car in need of a check-up, or are you simply interested in making sure your Audi is running at peak condition on the road? 

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Our expert team and specialist tools will run scores of thorough, industry-leading checks upon your vehicle to ensure that your Audi is performing to the best of its ability. 

Whether you require a full remapping of your ECU, repair or replacement of your braking system, or are unsure whether or not you are MOT ready, all you need to do is bring your luxury vehicle to our nearby service centre and we will make sure your vehicle ticks all the boxes.

We understand that vehicle maintenance can be costly sometimes – which is why we are here to offer you friendly, up front service with transparent charges and solid expectations set for you.  Need help with steering systems? 

A tune up to your exhaust system?  Maybe your bodywork needs a little bit of attention.  In any case, don’t worry about the cost of a check-up.  With guaranteed Audi fixed price servicing, we assure you that you’ll be going away with a great deal.

Audi Remapping

Sometimes, your engine may not be performing to the best of its ability.  With Audi remapping, we can take a closer look at your ECU and ensure that all parts of your on-board system are talking to one another.  Audis are more intricate than many people give them credit for being. 

A remapping will always ensure that your car’s engine is working to optimal standard.  The car can do much more than appearances will have you believe – why not unlock that full potential by improving your ECU communication and your car’s overall power? 

Our team can also  remap various other makes, including the following:

Remapping, along with all of our standard car servicing specialisms, arrives with a money-back guarantee to ensure you’re completely happy with the service you’ve received.

Audi Tuning

A prime part of Audi servicing is Audi tuning.  Tuning essentially allows your car to power up to its maximum potential.  Audis are built to be incredibly powerful and competent vehicles, meaning that you may even be running your vehicle at half its potential capability. 

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If you’ve been noticing your car growing sluggish, or you feel you could use a little more power in your everyday drives, you can do far worse than opt for a tune-up every once in a while.

Audi Chip Tuning

Audi chip tuning is an advanced way to make the most of your vehicle, and to help it realise its full potential.  Chip tuning and instruments can be used to power up your motor without overloading its existing capabilities, meaning that you will only ever leave with a tune-up that’s beneficial to you and your car long-term. 

Many drivers opt for advanced chip tuning for smoother drives and enhanced performance – why not come along to our service centre near me to inquire about giving your car that little extra push?

Audi Maintenance

It’s always important to take care of your car, and our extensive Audi maintenance options are affordable and comprehensive no matter your needs or requirements.  For many drivers, we are their closest allies in Audi repair and control – and as such, we’re proud to be able to support all models currently on the road. 

Whether you live local to us or within the surrounding areas, we will be happy to help you with a variety of requests regarding Audi servicing along with other vehicles.  We will be able to help you with the following:

  • General vehicle maintenance
  • Custom exhaust systems
  • Coolant and anti freeze services
  • Steering systems
  • Alloy wheel sales
  • MOT testing
  • Batteries
  • Tyres
  • Transmission fluid and oil changes
  • Key coding
  • Lost or stolen key replacements
  • Windscreens and glass replacement
  • Security systems
  • In car entertainment upgrades

From bodywork to windscreens, water pump replacements and more besides, simply bring your supercar along to our centre and we will do all the work for you.

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Whether you have Audis or McLarens (, our team can offer you the very best maintenance packages.

Audi Accident Repair

Accidents can happen, and we are here to make sure that you and your Audi can bounce back from any scrapes or even major problems.  Regardless of any damage you have incurred or problems you are facing, we are in a position to be able to help you with any and all of the following:

  • Fault diagnostics
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Clutch repairs and clutch replacements
  • Brake repairs and brake replacements
  • Air conditioning re-gas and repair
  • DPF issues resolved
  • Vehicle remapping
  • Suspension repair and replacement

This is only some of what we can do for you – bring your supercar into our centre and we will take a closer look at any problems you may be experiencing.

Audi In Car Entertainment Upgrades

In car entertainment has come a long way. 

"We are so happy with our in-car entertainment now. Thank you so much!"

Audi in car entertainment upgrades are available on request as part of any servicing packages you take on from us – whether you’re in need of Bluetooth capability, enhanced speaker systems or handsfree connectivity, let us take a look at your existing system and make upgrade suggestions to suit your needs.

Audi Servicing Costs

Obviously the cost to service Audis will be different that Mercedes servicing costs - because they are completely different makes. But what other factors can affect costs? The biggest factors are of course the type of servicing the Audis require and the model of your vehicle.

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Worried about Audi servicing costs?  Don’t be – our servicing packages come with up front costs and our professional guarantee. 

We will always make you aware of fees and charges before we undertake any work, and before we make any suggestions to you.  Therefore, you can rest assured that any servicing or upgrades you accept from us won’t upset your budget.

Audi Bodywork Repair

In need of extensive Audi bodywork repair?  Need help with getting your ECU back online?  Hoping to pass an MOT in the near future?  Bring your car along to our talented team and we will suggest upgrades and diagnose any problems you may be experiencing. 

Bring your supercar to our local garage or call ahead today.  Find out how to book in for a free consultation – whether you need to enhance your car’s power or to fix a number of troublesome niggles, we’re always here to help. 

Other Services We Offer

Don’t let the cost of servicing ever dissuade you!

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If you are in need of Audi servicing at a reasonable price, our team can offer you the very best services and advice. Fill in our contact form now for more information on our servicing plans.

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