Rolls Royce Service

Rolls Royce Service

If you have a Rolls Royce and looking for a company to carry out your service - look no further. Our team offer the best services to a range of luxury vehicles.

Rolls Royce Servicing Cost

Rolls Royce Servicing Cost

Our team have plenty of experience when it comes to Rolls Royce servicing and we offer great prices. To find out more about the cost, please complete our contact form.

Rolls Royce Remaps

Rolls Royce Remaps

Along with carrying out MOTs, servicing and tuning, we can also offer Rolls Royce remaps and additional services. Please get in touch for a price.

Rolls Royce Service

Anyone who owns a Rolls-Royce will likely treat it as their pride and joy, and for good reason!  Rolls-Royce is seen as supercar royalty – and as such, owners should always look to undertake a regular Rolls Royce service to ensure that their vehicle is performing to the best of its ability. 

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While some Rolls owners may be happy to store their cars as a piece of classic car furniture for their garage, others actively enjoy driving them.  For those regular drivers, Supercar Servicing provides extensive tuning and service options for the luxury fleet.

Whether you are in need of accident repair, or simply want to get that added ‘oomph’ back into your regular drives, our specialist team work with world leading tools and parts to ensure that each and every Rolls that drives into our local service centre is treated with the utmost care and attention. 

What’s more, it’s important to us that you are able to get the most out of your supercar without it costing you the earth.  We understand that a Rolls-Royce is already an investment – and we know only too well that regular upkeep is a must. 

With fixed price servicing available for various luxury cars including Rolls Royces, Land Rovers and Lamborghinis, we will endeavour to make sure you get a fantastic deal on tuning, remapping, advanced servicing and more from our nearby garage and specialists.

Rolls Royce Servicing

Rolls Royce servicing can cover a wide range of vehicular needs and demands.  What’s more, we’re here to ensure that you get access to a one-stop shop for any problems your Rolls may be facing. 

Whether your drives aren’t feeling so smooth, or if you’re looking for a quick yet comprehensive repair package, you may be surprised by how much a service centre near me can do for you.  Here is just a sample of what we may be able to attend to for you:

  • Tyres
  • Batteries
  • Alloy wheels (replacements and repairs)
  • Suspension (replacements and repairs)
  • Vehicle tracking and alignment
  • Clutches (replacements and repairs)
  • Brakes (replacements and repairs)
  • Coolant and anti-freeze services
  • Vehicle remapping and chip tuning
  • Tracking system adjustments
  • Cam belt changes
  • Oil changes
  • Full MOT testing
  • Water pump replacements
  • Brake fluid changes
  • Ad blue top up and servicing
  • In car entertainment upgrades
  • Performance parts and upgrades
  • Full accident repair
  • Vehicle wrapping and window tints

This is just the tip of the iceberg!  Do get in touch with us to learn more at your convenience.

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Rolls Royce Service Cost

We understand that Rolls Royce service cost will be at the forefront of your mind.  As local service providers for a wide range of luxury and supercars, we are proud to be able to support flexible and transparent packages which will offer you a complete rundown of fees and charges before we start work for you. 

While we cannot say outright how much you can expect to pay for certain services outright – as each case will differ in terms of parts needed and manpower required – we do pride ourselves on offering a fixed price service. 

This means you won’t receive any nasty surprises or hidden fees later on in the process.  We make sure you’re completely up to speed on what to expect from us before you hand over a penny of your own money.

Rolls Royce Remap

Looking to get more out of your luxury car?  A Rolls Royce remap may be just what you need.  Vehicle remapping involves working with a car’s on-board ECU to ensure that it communicates with the engine at optimal level. 

This means that you could well be running your car using default, factory-ready settings and levels.  No one wants to get less from their car than what they are paying for!  To that end, we will run a thorough remap of your Rolls’ ECU to ensure that your car is performing to peak standard.

If you’re worried about your drives becoming sluggish and your overall power sapping, this is most certainly one of the best steps to be taking.

Rolls Royce Chip Tuning

If you’re looking to really bring your supercar up to global standard, or to cope with the best of them, Rolls Royce chip tuning should most certainly be on your radar.  Chip tuning, similarly to remapping, involves tuning your car to a series of presets and standards whereby it will perform at a custom level. 

Our team knows all of the various tweaks and touches which are required to bring the best out of any vehicle – and when it comes to Rolls-Royce, we will always work with only the best in chip tuning tools to make sure our customers get a truly bespoke package. 

Why trundle along at a default speed and power level when you can go all-out and enhance?

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Our team can also offer chip tuning for the following;

If you are interested in chip tuning for Rolls-Royce or another vehicle, please fill in our contact form now.

Rolls Royce Accident Repair

We are also specialists in Rolls Royce accident repair.  Witnessing a car such as a Rolls-Royce take damage at any level can be a shock – but you really needn’t worry.  For thousands of Rolls owners across our surrounding areas, we are the closest support network available for extensive accident repair. 

Need replacement windscreens or windows?  Struggling with bodywork damage?  Worried about repairs needed for internal components?  Let us take a thorough look via our fault diagnostics service and supply you with all the help and support you’ll ever need.

"Don't bother going anywhere else. This company has exceeded my expectations and I am so happy with my Rolls Royce now!"

Coming back off an accident in a Rolls-Royce can be a difficult time.  We’re here to help ease you back onto the road with affordable and sensitive accident repair.

We are specialists in a wide variety of Rolls-Royce servicing needs.  Whether your car needs tuning up, repairing or refurbishing, we work with only the best in global parts and tools to ensure our customers leave with factory-fresh results – along with more than a few performance boosters along the way. 

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If it’s high time your motor saw a service, check out your local centre for a Rolls Royce service – then use our site to find the nearest Rolls-Royce dealership that is able to help offer a specialist service.

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